Mrs. Nolan's 6th graders engaged in the guest speaker, Dr. Garcia, from Colombia! Have a great time at the semi-formal! 4th grade with  Governor Hassan 4th grade Flag Football working hard with Mr. Underwood Welcome! 6th graders with a cause!  They rock! Our Forth Grade Flag Football Players are...awesome!!!! Pi -Day landscapes from Mrs. Foote's 5th grade King of Facts! ~ Mrs. Pauley's 4th grade Happy Spring from Ms. Hoyts class!!! Library Time Thank you to author Jane Lovascio for donating copies of her books! Entry from Cultural Arts Night at PRHS

Welcome to Campton Elementary School

The mission of the Campton Elementary School educational community is to meet the unique needs of all of our students and to assist them in developing the desire and skills to become lifelong, independent learners and responsible citizens in an ever-changing society.